About Us

DB Virtual Accounting is a modern CPA firm based in Lexington, KY.

Dal Barrett

Owner DB Virtual Accounting

I love helping business owners manage their money accurately and wisely.

Dal became a CPA 20 years ago, during that time he developed a real heart for entrepreneurs, seeing that growing and managing a business was a lot more challenging than it seems. He saw them struggle to understand the numbers in their financial reports and to get data that help them actually understand what decisions to make next to improve their business. What once was a passion for many entrepreneurs has become a burden.

This is exactly why he started DB Virtual Accounting. To help entrepreneurs get a grip on their financial health. From his experience helping business owners, as well as helping families eliminate their debt, he is certain he can help you as well.

Why Choose DB Virtual Accounting?

Modern Accounting

Are you making enough profit to pay yourself?  Is debt killing you?  The bottom line is affected by each transaction and every decision you make.  We’ll work through the numbers so you know what is happening in your business.  (Let’s see how you can increase profit and reduce and finally eliminate debt.)


Let’s have conversations so I can gain real knowledge of your business. I want to hear what you need and want from me. Let’s celebrate your wins and take on your challenges.

Expert Advice

You need someone in your corner who is objective and will give you honest feedback. I want to add value to your accounting with timely advice so you can make good decisions.

I am here and available!

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