You can enjoy running your business while we... remove your accounting headaches. help you get control of your cash flow. provide solutions.

We are a modern accounting firm designed to support and advise, so you can scale your business and do what you love.

"Dal’s advice is always well thought out, as he truly understands and empathizes what it's like to be a business owner." - Gina

You spend more time running your business than enjoying your passion.

You spend hours each month on the day-to-day accounting leaving you with little time to work on your business. Even though your business is profitable you struggle to pay bills on time and wonder if you can pay your employees. You feel overwhelmed with decisions and how to grow.

Put the joy back in your business with an accountant who will work with you, so you are in control of your business.

Partnering with DB Virtual Accounting will help you experience stability and predictable growth.

Get control of your business so you can do what you love.

Your business is making a profit, but there is never enough cash. Partnering with DB Virtual Accounting for accounting and advisory services will help you experience stability and growth.

Our services will add value to your business by freeing up your time to work on your business. We’ll provide you with accurate and timely reports so you can make decisions in real-time. We’ll use words a business owner understands so the numbers make sense. We’re available for advice on day-to-day decisions and long -term planning.

Our services are designed to make your life easier.


Accounts Payables & Receivables
Financial Reporting

Cash Flow Management

Weekly/Monthly Forecasting
Weekly/Monthly Reporting

Advisory Services

Strategic Planning
Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
Debt Reduction

Working with us is simple:

1. Schedule a Virtual Meeting
2. Discuss Your Needs
3. Pick a Plan

how it works:

1. Setup A Virtual Meeting
  • Click the link
  • Schedule a time
2. Discuss Your Needs
  • 15 minute get-to-know meeting
  • 60-90 minute meeting to discuss your business and
    its needs
3. Pick Your Plan
  • Three options to choose from
  • Customize your own
4. Grow Your Business
  • Enjoy your business
  • Life Change
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